The Dynamics of Human Motion (DOHM) laboratory is a state-of-the-art clinical biomechanics and rehabilitation research facility located at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The DOHM laboratory has a clinical focus combining laboratory-based measures of joint function with clinical assessments of participants. Lab infrastructure includes a 10-camera passive reflective marker-based motion analysis system, wireless (combined IMU)  electromyography system, four embedded force platforms, an instrumented stairway system, accelerometers, an isokinetic dynamometer and a web-based data capture and management system. Our clinical biomechanics research has also expanded to include in-lab ultrasound imaging to quantify structural, vascular and effusion outcomes, and pain assessment tools including algometry and microfilament testing.

The DOHM laboratory is led by co-Directors Rebecca Moyer (PT, PhD) , Janie Wilson (PhD) and Cheryl Kozey (PhD) across the Schools of Physiotherapy and Biomedical Engineering. Our research thrives on an interdisciplinary approach to musculoskeletal health and we incorporate expertise from our research and clinical experience in physiotherapy, movement sciences, orthopaedic surgery and mechanical engineering.