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Lower Extremity Review Magazine (July 2017)

Recent Trends Favour Use of Bracing for Knee OA

Experts say new research underscoring the clinical benefits of bracing for patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA), along with more comfortable device designs aimed at improving patient compliance, may help boost the historically low rates of brace utilization in this patient population.

Lower Extremity Review Magazine (February 2015)

Knee OA Brace Experts Revisit Persistent Issues

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses show that bracing for knee osteoarthritis (OA) is associated with significant benefits with regard to pain and function. But links to disease progression remain elusive, and the challenges of patient compliance are becoming even more complicated.

Lower Extremity Review Magazine (November 2012)

OA Knee Braces Face Off Against Wedged Insoles

Two separate studies directly compared valgus knee bracing and wedged foot orthoses for reducing knee adduction moment in patients with osteoarthritis, but came to opposite conclusions. A third study suggests combining the two interventions may be the best solution.


Ortho Evidence, Advanced Clinical Evidence (ACE) Report (June 2015)

Valgus Bracing Effective Compared To Other Conservative Treatment Of Knee Osteoarthritis